40th_birthday_balloon  40th Birthday?

Dance to hits from the “Electric 80’s” - - ABC to Wham!


Or mix and match the decades to the current Hit 40 songs.

Or you choose the songs with your customised playlist, to ensure you hear only the music you like to dance to and not what the DJ likes to play! 

Why not go the whole way and have a themed evening with an 80’s fancy dress?  It’s a great way to break the ice and because your friends have made the effort, they are really up for it!  See Vicki's 40th Birthday


Our suggested format for the evening could be as follows:

 7.30 pm – Guests arrive to suitable background music of well known non-dancing hits of the 1980’s.  The music will be in the background at this stage to allow guests to chat and greet each other.

8.15 pm – Let’s get the party started! Our DJ will welcome the guests and break the ice with some great disco classics from the 1980’s. 

9 pm – Buffet.  Again, background music of famous non-dancing hits of the 80’s to keep the theme night going. 

9.45 pm – Re-start.  Welcome back all guests.  If you would like to give a speech and cut the cake, this is the most suitable time to do so.   

Off we go again with 80’s Cheeze, mixed into 80’s Disco and Electric hits like “Tainted Love from Soft Cell” and some Rock Classics like “Rockin all over the World by the Quo.

Don’t forget you can choose your favs from the 1980’s.  Take requests from your friends in advance and submit a playlist before the night, so we can ensure we have what you want – Cool!    

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