Music Selection

We can play almost any style of music you wish but, we do know generally what gets people on the dancefloor and moving. When you book Radio Ga Ga we will always ask what type of music you would like and most of the time, our customers will leave it up to us to play a selection appropriate for the guests at the function. This is where the ability to read dancefloors comes into play. 


Radio Ga Ga come prepared with a selection of music second to none, starting with music from the 1960's, 1970's, Disco, Soul, Glam and Rock, through to the new romantic of the 1980s, and then up to date with top dance floor fillers and all those top cheesy pop tunes with great dances.  

bride_and_groom_first_dance_3At Weddings, we have the ability to play and appeal to all age groups and not just the under 18's!

At Radio Ga Ga we wont play a song because it will ruin our street credibility or is not 'cool' enough. If we think it is appropriate and people will enjoy it or dance to it, then we will play it!


If you have a selection of your favourite music that is well known and all can dance to, we'll gladly talk to you about it at time of booking and ensure it is included at the right time during your event.   


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